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(Yet-to-be-Named AU) CH.1 Not 'Nice to Meet You'.
As I looked at the large building we were headed towards, I got some sort of bad feeling... Not the feeling that you wanna crap, no. We didn't have time for restrooms, or not me for the least.
What I was worried about is the 'champion' of the DST. What's he look like? What did his dragon look like... And exactly how big is it? Is it a rare one?
I have, or had, too much to ask. And with that said, we finally reach the establishment...
"I hope it was worth walking for two miles," I huff as we go in the automatic sliding metal door. A series of strange looking people... People with horns walk around the place.
'I have a feeling these people are demons.' I thought as I walked by a man with a piercing on his nose and ear, a somewhat badass emo expression, green pointy hair... But he might not be one...
"Hey, you're being pretty quiet," Daichi looks at me with a concerned look. "You alright?" Even though we've been friends for almost a week, she can totally read me.
"Yeah, I'm al
:iconfl4r1x-4v3r3nt0n:FL4R1X-4V3R3NT0N 3 1
Let's go, Loser! Prologue (yet-to-be-named AU)

Hello! If you ever read this, I hope it's not boring... I'm currently fixing my writing skills. I hope you like it, and since this is my first AU thingy without a title, and with only chapter names, I'll need UsagiMeiji to help me out with it! I only made a short one because if I made a long one and no one liked it, what was the point of making it long anyways?
I hope that it's the opposite so I can comfortably make longer ones...
And in this chapter it's mostly talking, but I'll change POVs from time to time and make longer paragraphs.

Shichiro Ayazukii. That's me, or at least, the name I was given.
I'm an angel mixed cat. No, I'm not being a narcissist, it's just what I am.
I'm nineteen, and I live in Tokyo, Japan. I'm a digital engineer.
And I have a lot going on. Until I wished for something unfortunate.

--5 days ago--

"What?? You're saying I have to finish editing the script today?! I still have a lot to do
:iconfl4r1x-4v3r3nt0n:FL4R1X-4V3R3NT0N 2 7
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Okay everyone my surgery is over everything went well. I would type more about this, but I'm tired. I will type more at a later date. I have to rest for some time, but I would like to thank everyone for hoping and praying for the best for me. 
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Michael Thomas
United States
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Name: Michael Thomas


Height: 6ft 1

Sex: Male

Place of residence: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Operating system: Main: Windows XP, Secondary: Windows 7 laptop, Third: Samsung Tablet 3.0

Favorite characters from video games, cartoons, etc.: Miles "Tails" Prower, Catdog, Max Payne, just to name a few.

I have always loved to draw even at a young age, but it wasn't until 2008 when I wanted to buckle down and make them look better. So from then all the way up to present day, I have worked really hard to improve them. They are still not the best, but I continue to put effort into them to make them better. Each and every drawing I upload I try to make them look their best. I hope someday to make money from them. I will not call myself a artist though, sometimes I have to look at poses, and various things to get them right. After some time though, I can draw the pose or other things from the top of my head.

To be honest, I didn't even know about Devianart until early 2012. I really didn't think much about it. It wasn't until March of 2014 when I began to learn more about it. A former classmate of mind, has a account here so I thought for a while of opening up one. I didn't come around to doing it until January of 2015. Now I only had two drawing, but later they were deleted. Lets just say they didn't look very good, so I had a unknown account for some time. I did replace and upload more that year, but still I had no watchers. In 2016 that's when the watchers came in, favs increased, and comments. I can say that this account has grew a bit. Devianart is a really great site and I'm glad I joined.

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I'm fine, I'm just drawing stuff. :heart:
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No but, I have a character page for Phoenix.
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